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Introduction to Book Cover Design

What is Book Cover Design?

The book cover is the beautiful home created solely for the story that lives inside. It’s the first thing we see when we look at a book, giving us a sneak peek of the adventure between the pages. A good cover can tell us much about the story and make us excited to read it!


In this example, we can tell that this book cove suits a fantasy story. The character is wearing a hooked cloak and wielding a sword with an intense expression. The text is also a medieval-looking typography, so he would most likely be a warrior in a sword and sorcery fantasy novel.

However, if we were to change the font style, he could also be the hero in a historical fiction short story.

Why is it Important?

Imagine you’re in a bookstore, surrounded by thousands of books. What makes you choose one? I’m guessing it’ll be the cover. It’s the first hello from the book. Therefore, it should be inviting and engaging, perhaps even cause excitement about the adventure that awaits, and give us a taste of the story inside. If the cover is exciting and beautiful, it can make people want to read the book!

The Elements of a Good Cover:

  1. Images: The pictures or illustrations on the cover should hint at the story and grab your attention.

  2. Title: The book’s name should be easy to read and stand out.

  3. Colors: The colors should be pleasing to the eyes and fit the book’s mood.

  4. Font: The style of the letters should match the book’s theme and be clear to read.

The Design Process:

Creating a book cover is like going on a design adventure that starts with understanding the type of story, the lead character, and the feelings it wants to share.

At Story Graphix, diversity and representation on our book covers are of the utmost importance. This means showing characters from different places and backgrounds. It’s important because it makes everyone feel included and welcomed into the world of books. No matter who you are, it’s like saying, “This book is for you.”

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