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"What a cute book! I loved Shelby and Ben’s story. The fact that the majority of the book takes place on a cruise ship was such a unique aspect to the story. I appreciate that Shelby is a strong independent woman That is often lacking in romance novels today. Pick this up if you are looking for a light beach read this summer. There’s action, funny moments and a swoon-worthy billionaire. What more do you need?"

Reading Machine

"Ms. Thomas writes a most descriptive, exciting cruise ship romance. It's full of surprises. I could not put it down. Happiness is a fulfilled dream after great shocking heartache."

Amazon Customer

This romance story starts with a punch and gets the reader involved with characters within the first few pages. K Thomas presents very relatable characters and a great plot.
This action-packed suspenseful story on a cruise keeps the reader engaged as the author delivers drama and suspense throughout the journey of a scorned bride that has a revenge plan against her cheating fiancé during a cruise trip. Having a cruise ship as the main scene may be difficult, however, the author manages to deliver a great story that takes place within the boundaries of the ship. The pace of this book is developed like a ticking clock, putting the characters at stake to keep the reader turning the pages and wanting more.
In a world filled with romantic books, the romantic suspense contained in this book pushes the limits in extraordinary circumstances. K. Thomas ends her narrative with a surprising finale that hits the reader with a back blow. I highly recommend this book, and cannot wait for the sequel.

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Jan Per

"New author to me and I loved their work. The narrator also did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. The storyline itself was interesting and entertaining. Definitely a must get! I can’t wait to listen to the next installment to be available on audiobook."

Brenda M.

"Loved Ben and Shelby's story. Could not put this down(finished in 1 day).Love that Shelby could be my neighbor! And that it takes place on cruise ship! Why haven't I met someone like Ben on my past cruises? lol I can't wait to read the next book.+

Penny Turner

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