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Book Review | The Vine Witch

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The Basics

  • Book Title: The Vine Witch

  • Author: Luanne G. Smith

  • Genre: Historical Fantasy

  • Year: 2019

  • Pages: 263

  • Available formats: Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback, MP3 CD

  • Favorite or most memorable quotes: Oddly enough, I don't have a favorite quote for this one.

  • Favorite Character: Yevette.

  • Book Format: My preferred mode of reading is always I read this book for the book club to which I belong.

The Review

Elena Boureanu, the heroine, is a strong woman who, after seven years, awakens from a curse and struggles to regain her former life as a witch who runs a vineyard and produces fine wine. On her return home, she finds the vineyard she was supposed to inherit, has been sold off to a handsome stranger, Jean-Paul Martel, who doesn't believe in witches, magic, or all the circulating superstition.

I enjoyed this book and gave it a five-star rating on As some of you may know, fantasy is my absolute favorite genre to read. This particular book, however, delved deep into a sub-genre category of which I am not familiar. Witches and their craft, both dark and light. ​ The author has created a highly immersive experience for the reader, using techniques which luxuriates in describing a multitude of different scents, tastes, and textures to provoke and stimulate these basic human senses.

The voice actor, Susannah Jones, does a fantastic job in her performance and portrayal of all the different characters, of which there are many. From each of the male characters to the several female characters in this book, Susannah gave them all distinct and enjoyable personalities as displayed in their voices. Also, her pronunciation of the several French words and phrases were unwavering and flawless. Bravo, Susannah!

I struggle to believe that Jean-Paul is a formidable match for Elena, the protagonist of the story. The thing I enjoyed the most is that all the women in the book and strong and empowered women, all of whom happen to be witches. The only female who is not a witch is Jean-Paul's mother. I'm not sure that her part was necessary, or if the author dropped her in to balance for face value. On the flip side, all of the men are mortals, except for the wizard from the carnival. Go figure? ​

This book is well written and entertaining and, if you have an open mind, I highly recommend it.

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